There’s an Amazing Person in Your Son.

You see it. And we do, too. Maybe your son just needs a fresh start. Or a place away from the stress of high school cliques, mixed gender classrooms or inattentive teachers. Perhaps he simply needs a school where he can focus on learning without public school distractions. Choosing Fishburne isn’t about “sending him away to military prep school in Virginia” or a comment on your parenting. It’s about giving him all the possibilities wrapped in our traditions of fairness and structure and hard work. With a serving of camaraderie, encouragement and support that will stick with him his whole life.

Maybe his talents are already on full display. And he sees that a military-style boarding school that possesses a JROTC Honor Unit With Distinction is the best path to help him reach his ambitious goals for a military academy or career.
Perhaps his gifts aren’t quite so obvious yet. Our small classes, one-to-one attention, feeling of brotherhood and continuous support he can get at Fishburne will help to bring those gifts to light.
Not everyone follows a smooth path. If he’s a boy who needs structure, routine and discipline, Fishburne can offer him boundaries and role models who can help get your student on track personally and academically.
With so much pressure in public schools, it’s hard to just be a boy. At Fishburne, your son will find a level playing field with fairness standards and uniformity that apply to everyone so he can focus on academics and personal growth.

“This isn’t a second chance school. It’s a different chance school.”


We’re just the right size.

As Virginia’s smallest and oldest military prep school, we’re just the right size to give your son the attention he deserves while employing everything we’ve learned about teaching boys over the past 140+ years.

Fishburne is ideal for talented boys whose talents haven’t been discovered.

When we see what’s great in a boy, it’s not long before he sees what’s great in himself. And at the end of the day, that may be the most important thing he’ll ever learn here. Because of our size, our unique perspective using a military model and our inclusive environment, Fishburne is the best place for boys to discover their best selves.

It takes more than small classes and a successful history to change a boy’s self image—and, ultimately, his future self.

At Fishburne there’s a mindset and a mission to elevate every boy. That’s why our youngest cadets are just as revered as our upperclassmen. That’s why every boy will play any sport he wants (8th graders can play varsity sports). It’s why we’re open to whatever future your son imagines, even if it’s untraditional. It’s why we prize creativity, innovation and openness.

We’re not here to fix your son.

We’re here to give him the space, the encouragement, the structure, and the unconditional support he needs—all while teaching him the values that our world desperately needs but rarely rewards.

What “We see what’s great in you” means to every Mom and Dad.

Here, your son can grow into the best version of himself

In a world where too many boys—especially boys stuck in the invisible middle—are overlooked, misunderstood or bored, Fishburne is the ideal place for your son to grow into the very best version of himself.

Boys who used to feel unseen suddenly find their passions

Thanks to our size (we’re proudly Virginia’s smallest military school), our structure (we are a Military School, after all) and our commitment to every single boy who comes here (that’s our promise), boys who used to feel unseen and misunderstood suddenly find their passions, their focus and their strengths. And it’s life changing.

Boys can’t hide here

They’re seen by us and, just as importantly, by their fellow cadets—resulting in a very different kind of peer pressure than they feel now. They’re encouraged, in ways they’ve never been before.

No one knows your son better than you, but we’re gonna try

And when boys feel seen, it’s a transforming experience—the transformation you and your son always knew could happen, you just didn’t know where. Until now.

The promise we’ll make to your son (and to you, too).

The world pushes heavy against some young men: too much noise, not the right fit, or clothes, or hair, or friends. The mold feels like it was made for someone other than you. And when you fit, you’re seen. When you don’t, you’re invisible. It’s hard to make choices, let alone the right ones, if you can’t tune it out. And it’s hard to burn bright when no one has the time to look and see. But we see you.

We see you in a way that others don’t or won’t. We see the capacity of you. The leader in you, the brother in you. We see the better student in you. The resilient you.

You are never invisible here. Because we’ve seen thousands of boys, and our mission is to create a world of order that can quiet the noise, level the fairness, the gaze, and give you the chance to be seen every day, and by everyone here.

We know there’s a good man in you. One of honor and kindness. One that’s worth working for—because that’s our mold. We’re Fishburne. And we see what’s great in you.


Before we get to know you, we’ll help you get to know us.

Visit our beautiful and historic campus anytime. You can schedule a campus visit at any point throughout your admission process, and we also provide Open Houses monthly to the public. We’d love to show you around.